Gen Y Media Consumption Break Down - Social Networking Dominant

Radio’s in the media mix for Millennials but user-generated content tops the bill. Radio’s bread and butter are 25-54 year-olds, the demo most formats shoot for and most advertisers covet. But Millennials, all 77 million of them, are waiting in the wings. In fact millions of Millennials have already entered the crucial 25-54 demo and more do so every day. Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are forecasted to have record-breaking purchasing power. Radio’s still very much in their orbit but, like all traditional media, takes a back seat to the Big Kahuna of the Millennial media mix: user-generated content (UGC). Fully 30% of Gen Y’s daily media time is spent with content that is created by their peers, according to new research by social influence marketer Crowdtap and market research firm Ipsos. That’s more than is spent with such Millennial-friendly activities as browsing the internet (20%), watching live TV (10%) or playing computer or video games (10%). Millennials find UGC content 35% more memorable than other sources. Still, Millennials spend 7% of their media time with radio. While that may sound low, Gen Y packs 18 hours of media time into their day, often viewing multiple devices simultaneously. That adds up to one hour and 16 minutes a day with radio, a little less than what Nielsen found it its recent Cross-Platform report: one hour and 33 minutes a day for 18-24 year-olds; 1 hour and 43 minutes for 25-34 year-olds. Millennials prioritize social media at the top of their media stack: 71% use social networking on a daily basis. Radio came in third place on their media priority list with 53% listening to either broadcast or streaming radio daily, behind live TV at 60%, but ahead of email/text; retrieving news, weather and sports scores; and pre-recorded TV.


Survey: ‘Consumer to consumer marketing’ drives trust among Millennials. As Millennials occupy a larger position on radio’s radar screen, broadcasters will need to come up with different solutions to effectively communicate client messages to them. The old rules may no longer apply. Millennials report that in¬formation they receive through user-generated content is highly trust¬worthy and trusted 40% more than information they get from traditional media sources like TV, print and radio. That’s according to new findings from market research firm Ipsos and social influence marketer Crowdtap. Conversations with friends and family are trusted two-to-one over TV and radio and almost four-to-one over banner ads. “Brands looking for consumers to trust their marketing can no longer rely on tradi¬tional media to communicate their messages to consumers,” the study’s authors say. “In today’s landscape, it’s peer-created content, or ‘consumer to consumer marketing,’ that drives trust.” Crowdtap and Ipsos surveyed 839 U.S. men and women aged 18-36 in January.


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