Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How good is your story telling? Just because its social doesn't mean your not telling a story - keep them captivated

Storytelling and social media

Nowadays, storytelling is one of the most used and abused words, even in communication marketplace.
Everyone wants to tell a story but sometimes, the hardest part is to start especially when you are extra-exposed as on social media.
So, let's start with the basis: what storytelling is, and for what can be useful.
Storytelling is an art. It requires a good knowledge of the method, the ability to make contact with the reader and to involve him through the perfect tool: the narrative line. The type of narration to use, is chosen by the narrator.
To create a good storytelling, be it personal or a corporate one, means to have a precise goal. Here some examples of how the storytelling is used.

• Storytelling with commercial objectives: it aims to persuade and to sell and to differentiate the storyteller  from the competitors.
• Storytelling with  marketing goals: it wants to capture  audience attention, stimulate  a reaction and to create a relationship.
• Storytelling with advertising goals: it has the intention to promote a brand, increase the visibility, make people remember the message etc.
• Storytelling for personal branding:  the person who uses it wants to sell their skills and experiences by talking about himself in a professional way.

We have seen that storytelling it works for different fields but always remember one thing: the needs of a company are different from those of another and more different in case of personal branding, so you cannot use the same narration for different cases.
The communication vehicle needs also to be different.
When you use social media you can choose the perfect storytelling for each one of them: Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for visual storytelling, using pictures or photographs for telling your stories
Facebook and Tumblr can combine pictures and text...the choice is yours.

 Anyway, here is some advices to correctly make storytelling on social media.

·         Storytelling means to  have an high personalization even if you are a brand, a character with the attitude and personality who has to be interesting in the eyes of readers, with its strengths and its flaws. By giving that, the audience must identify with it.
·         Storytelling must create a character able to speak of emotions, of ambitions,  projects, things  loved and  hated. The public must be able to appreciate the desire to get into the character's life.
·         This story must convey a message. To do so, the storyteller must assume a clearly identifiable point of view. In short: communicate for a specific purpose.When you do storytelling just say something specific, to transfer to the readers a clear and precise message.
·         If you have a first hand experienced story, tell it! It's a precious value and it's quiet easy to transfer it.
·         You have to tell the real facts. Storytelling gets maximum effectiveness if the stories told are true. If this is not the case, at least make sure that your stories are plausible.
·         Your story must have a strong persuasive effect on the reader. Your stories are seduction's tool: the audience have to be pushed to act.
·         It must give the feeling of authenticity.
·         It must be able to touch the emotions of the audience.
·         Ite must be able to be remembered. This one is the most difficult thing but, once is it done, will last for a long time.

Social media are fast, immediate and also noisy. The good storyteller creates value, memories and pleasure in reading and above all, can make a story that goes viral.
If you like it, you share it. So your narration can become viral, with a huge diffusion and with lot of contacts on your page, board, profile and web sites. More contact means more potential conversion.So why do not try? Just find the right social and the right story. The rest will come alone and will generate results durable in time. You can choose text above images, but as final tip I wat to tall you that: be genuine, find your target and involve it in your story by being yourself: if the degree of personalization is real, the reader will notice that and surely appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Amazing Book about the biggest memories in the last 100 yrs of the NHL

Tucked away behind a huge sign is the organized clutter of the archives of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  In this location since 2009 when the complex was completed, the floors of this incredible Resource Centre had to be re-enforced to accommodate the weight of memorabilia that fills this ice-rink size museum archive, some of which date back to the 1870’s.  Inside, there are climate controlled rooms for the storage, cataloguing and digitization of over 3 million glass plates (1920’s), negatives, film, video, slides and photos depicting Canada’s national game.

One hundred and thirty of which are revealed in A Century of NHL Memories: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame by Phil Pritchard with Jim Hynes. https://nhlmemories100.ca/

Phil Pritchard is available for comment and interview on 31st October and a copy of the limited, numbered edition is available for giveaway

Did you know?

·         The Hockey Hall of Fame Archives and Resource Centre are independently funded, in large part by the late Doc Seaman with the mandate to preserve, conserve and share hockey history
·         A small team manages this huge collection of Canada’s Hockey History – a national treasure
·         The Archives at the Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre rely on the generosity of Canadians for the donations, and volunteers for staffing. Private collectors donate their collections and photos to the museum archives regularly
·         The collection includes an Andy Warhol painting of Rod Gilbert, Dickie Boon’s 100 year old skates, and artefacts and photos from almost every championship series
·         Hockey in 75 countries is represented
·         The photographic collection has grown from 30,000 images to close to 3 million in the last decade, a process that has been an ongoing discovery since 1991 as families of legendary sport photographers send in collections, the HHOF’s staff  sleuth out additional images, and photographers are sent out to shoot games  
·         The collection includes some iconic photographs from the Harold Barkley Collection of the 50’s and 60’s, parts of the Turofsky collection, as well as photos from Frank Prazak, various Graphic Artists, and Michael Burns Sr., all well-known names that the Canadian media has showcased over the years. Also featured, but not as well-known are the large Portnoy and Mecca collections from the 70s and 80s.
·         If a Buffalo city employee  and committed fan had not called to alert the archives to the clearing of Bob Shaver’s house by the city after the photographer passed, the collection would not be preserved today
·         The Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre is the supplier of iconic images under licence to the media, teams, leagues, federations, and businesses.  www.imagesonice.net

·         This book is an incredible resource for lovers of hockey history
·         The design of the book was inspired by the classy elegance of the Hall of Fame’s photo collection with the goal of presenting them in a museum-type layout to accentuate their beauty. The design is simple, clean and expansive, and is complemented with elements from hockey itself
·         The photos in the book are presented as “raw” as possible, including scratches, markings, framing, and without cropping to convey a time-capsule feel
·         Some of these photos may not have been seen before!  This book represents a fraction of a national treasure, and now hockey fans everywhere have access to some of the most iconic hockey photos of all time!
·         A Century of NHL Memories: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame is available on-line and in bookstores across the country
·         And specially for the committed fan, a number Collector’s edition!  https://nhlmemories100.ca/

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Friday, December 16, 2016

NTW Designs Launches New Site

NTW Designs is an experienced full service web design company that provides custom web design packages to companies of any scale in the USA and around the world. Great packages, with fast turn around times. NTW Designs specializes in php/html/wordpress coded web design, responsive web design, graphic design, brand identity packaging, company research, and web security. NTW Designs has a package for every business out there. As an experienced web design company, NTW Designs will provide innovative solutions to all business needs on the web.

Friday, November 18, 2016

HIGH VALLEY - Dear Life - Release date: November 18, 2016

Recently named by Rolling Stone magazine as a “Country Artist You Need To Know”, Atlantic Records/Warner Music Nashville duo HIGH VALLEY release their major debut album – DEAR LIFE – today.  The album features the Top 10 Country radio hit “Every Week’s Got A Friday,” that the group debuted this past September on the national broadcast of the Canadian Country Music Association Awards.
Watch “Every Week’s Got A Friday” HERE.
The 11 songs that make up High Valley’s Dear Life are being praised for their “sunny, upbeat tunes and soaring harmonies” (Pandora).  Fans can buy or stream Dear Life HERE. The tech-savvy band enlisted its dedicated fans to choose each of the tracks on the album, making their selections via the High Valley app.  Brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel have been giving their fans the first listen to Dear Life, streaming on their official app available in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

High Valley recently joined songstress Martina McBride on her “Love Unleashed Tour” before headlining three shows in their home province of Alberta.  The band has just announced a series of European concerts in February before jumping aboard Dean Brody’s Southern Ontario dates in April (see concert listings below).  High Valley will tackle fan questions on Monday, November 21 during their first Reddit “Ask Me Anything” chat.
ABOUT HIGH VALLEY: While HIGH VALLEY's Brad and Curtis may have been raised in the close-knit, remote community of La Crete, Alberta — more than 2,500 miles from where they now live in Music City — the brothers' music reflects bluegrass roots with a modern pulse. Over years of relentless touring, High Valley has developed a devoted fan base that has devoured more than 10 million music streams on Spotify, songs on EA Sports Madden NFL 17 soundtrack, and countless North American concert tickets, including dates alongside Martina McBride on her Love Unleashed Tour. Having been named “Artist To Watch” by Rolling Stone Country, Taste of Country, CMT, Spotify, Pandora and “Country Song of the Summer” by Billboard, High Valley is poised to breakout as they prepare for their major label debut album -Dear Life - releasing November 18 on Atlantic Records/Warner Music Nashville. For more info: High Valley’s official website / join more than 250k @HighValley fans on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bob Mckenzie on TSN Launches BOBCAST

– New fan-focused podcast debuts this Friday, Oct. 14 on TSN.ca, iTunes, and SoundCloud, with new episodes every other Friday – 

– BOBCAST has Bob answering fans’ questions on hockey…or just about anything else! – 
– Fans can send their burning questions to bobcast@bellmedia.ca and Bob might just answer them* –
TORONTO (October 11, 2016) – TSN today announced the debut of an all-new and entirely fan-focused podcast, THE TSN HOCKEY BOBCAST, featuring TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie answering fans’ questions on hockey…or just about anything else! The first episode debuts this Friday, Oct. 14 and will be available on TSN.ca, iTunes, and SoundCloud.
Listen here for Bob’s full take on THE TSN HOCKEY BOBCAST, which he describes as “sort of like TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie meets my summer persona, Bobby Margarita.”
Bob also breaks down what fans can expect from him this season in his regular Tuesday column on TSN.ca.
·         Fans can send Bob their questions to bobcast@bellmedia.ca*
·         New episodes will be posted every other Friday beginning Friday, Oct. 14
·         Episodes will be available on TSN.ca, iTunes, and SoundCloud
*Any “unsportsmanlike” inquiries will be promptly deleted
Hockey on TSN
TSN is home to the Winnipeg Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Ottawa Senators as part of its package of 130+ regional NHL games. TSN delivers a package of 50+ Jets games in the Jets’ designated broadcast region on TSN3, 26 Leafs games in the Leafs’ designated broadcast region on TSN4, and 50+ Senators games in the Senators’ designated broadcast region on TSN5.
TSN complements its live hockey coverage with Canada’s fan-favourite hockey news and information programming, featuring the hockey world’s most trusted team of Hockey Insiders and analysts. TSN’s industry-leading hockey programming includes SPORTSCENTRE, TIM HORTONS THAT’S HOCKEY, THAT’S HOCKEY 2NITE, and the network’s slate of signature NHL specials including TRADECENTRE, FREE AGENT FRENZY, FANTASY DRAFT, TOP 50 PLAYERS, and BOB MCKENZIE’S PRE-SEASON DRAFT RANKING.
Champions Live Here as TSN is the exclusive broadcaster of Hockey Canada, delivering marquee international events such as the IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, IIHF WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, IIHF WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP, IIHF ICE HOCKEY U18 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, IIHF ICE HOCKEY U18 WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and WORLD UNDER-17 HOCKEY CHALLENGE, as well as domestic events including the WORLD JUNIOR A CHALLENGE, TELUS CUP, ESSO CUP, RBC CUP, ALLAN CUP, and the Order of Hockey in Canada.
TSN’s slate of live hockey programming also features exclusive coverage of the SPENGLER CUP, as well as NCAA Division I coverage including the FROZEN FOUR.

About TSN
TSN is Canada’s Sports Leader and #1 specialty network. With a broad portfolio of multimedia sports assets, Champions Live Here as TSN delivers world-class content across its industry-leading platforms including five national television feeds, TSN.caTSN GO, and TSN Radio stations across the country. With more championship events than any broadcaster in the country, TSN’s deep and diverse roster of live sports programming includes the Grey Cup, IIHF World Junior Championship, Hockey Canada events, CFL, NFL, NBA, MLS, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Season of Champions Curling, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, Premier League, MLB, Golf’s Majors, NASCAR, F1, Grand Slam Tennis, UFC, NCAA March Madness, and Skate Canada and Rugby Canada events. TSN is a division of Bell Media, which is part of BCE Inc. (TSX, NYSE: BCE), Canada’s largest communications company.

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Bell Media | t 416.440.6568 | m 416.560.2370 | troy.weston@bellmedia.ca
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