Brands and bands: New report shows they make good music.

Radio Stations trying to put on an event for the holiday's or next summer’s concert series may have some new ammunition courtesy of Nielsen. Its new Music 360 report finds the public responds favorably to brands that wrap themselves around music-based events. A majority (51%) of consumers favor a brand that sponsors a concert or artist tour. That level of affection for brands that pony up their support is even higher among people who attend the event. Nielsen found that three-quarters (76%) of concertgoers think a little better about a brand that helped present the show. The survey also shows brand affinity is even more pronounced among new media consumers of music. Three-quarters (74%) of Americans who consume streamed music say they favor brands that engage them through music sponsorships, giveaways and contests. That compares to 58% of non-streamers. “Given these large numbers, big brands can learn from events as ways to give their branded efforts exposure and connect to a wider group of fans,” the Nielsen report says. Clorox Company senior group manager Drew McGowan said during a Radio Show panel that he views music as one of the few things that people get passionate about. “Whether it’s on the radio or at a live event, music has that special ability to take you someplace,” he said. “And if we can leverage that in a way that makes sense for our brand, we can win.” Clear Channel Connections president Greg Glenday said it’s surprising how many calls the company gets from big brands that ink deals with musicians and aren’t quite sure how to leverage that relationship. “I think this is an emerging marketplace,” he said. “I think radio can play a deeper role in associating brands with those artists and figuring out how to do it.” Glenday said it can be something as simple as having an artist record live reads for a client rather than cutting a traditional :30-second spot.


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