Mogo Inc - Insider Buying has people excited about the opportunity for future prospects

 Mogo Inc is an interesting business - with a broad offering of credit and crypto services.

Mogo Inc is a Canadian-based financial technology company. It offers a finance application to consumers with solutions that help them to control their financial health. At Mogo, users can sign up for a free account and get access to products and solutions that help users to monitor their credit score, protect themselves from identity fraud, control their spending, and borrow responsibly. Some of its products are personal loans, crypto, mortgage, credit score, and others. Mogo is one of the go-to financial applications for Canadians with more than one million members.

It also owns a large stake in Wonderfi Tech - a crypto platform that has huge insider buying recently from names like Mike Wekerle.   Mogo Inc currently owns 13% of the business as the largest owner, partnering with Coinsquare, the business has seen increasing demand without an increase in market cap.   Mogo has also become more valuable as CEO Greg Feller bought a large amount of shares in the fall.   Trading around 2.90 post reverse split, there is still significant upside in this stock price back to pre-split high price of 13 dollars plus.   Feller purchased shares during a spree of transactions in the fall.  There 39% ownership in Coinsquare as a whole for a company a market cap of 71 million gives us the belief that good times maybe ahead.  This is NOT investment advice and the stock would be characterized as highly speculative.  

Good luck and happy investing.

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