Amazing Book about the biggest memories in the last 100 yrs of the NHL

Tucked away behind a huge sign is the organized clutter of the archives of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  In this location since 2009 when the complex was completed, the floors of this incredible Resource Centre had to be re-enforced to accommodate the weight of memorabilia that fills this ice-rink size museum archive, some of which date back to the 1870’s.  Inside, there are climate controlled rooms for the storage, cataloguing and digitization of over 3 million glass plates (1920’s), negatives, film, video, slides and photos depicting Canada’s national game.

One hundred and thirty of which are revealed in A Century of NHL Memories: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame by Phil Pritchard with Jim Hynes.

Phil Pritchard is available for comment and interview on 31st October and a copy of the limited, numbered edition is available for giveaway

Did you know?

·         The Hockey Hall of Fame Archives and Resource Centre are independently funded, in large part by the late Doc Seaman with the mandate to preserve, conserve and share hockey history
·         A small team manages this huge collection of Canada’s Hockey History – a national treasure
·         The Archives at the Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre rely on the generosity of Canadians for the donations, and volunteers for staffing. Private collectors donate their collections and photos to the museum archives regularly
·         The collection includes an Andy Warhol painting of Rod Gilbert, Dickie Boon’s 100 year old skates, and artefacts and photos from almost every championship series
·         Hockey in 75 countries is represented
·         The photographic collection has grown from 30,000 images to close to 3 million in the last decade, a process that has been an ongoing discovery since 1991 as families of legendary sport photographers send in collections, the HHOF’s staff  sleuth out additional images, and photographers are sent out to shoot games  
·         The collection includes some iconic photographs from the Harold Barkley Collection of the 50’s and 60’s, parts of the Turofsky collection, as well as photos from Frank Prazak, various Graphic Artists, and Michael Burns Sr., all well-known names that the Canadian media has showcased over the years. Also featured, but not as well-known are the large Portnoy and Mecca collections from the 70s and 80s.
·         If a Buffalo city employee  and committed fan had not called to alert the archives to the clearing of Bob Shaver’s house by the city after the photographer passed, the collection would not be preserved today
·         The Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre is the supplier of iconic images under licence to the media, teams, leagues, federations, and businesses.

·         This book is an incredible resource for lovers of hockey history
·         The design of the book was inspired by the classy elegance of the Hall of Fame’s photo collection with the goal of presenting them in a museum-type layout to accentuate their beauty. The design is simple, clean and expansive, and is complemented with elements from hockey itself
·         The photos in the book are presented as “raw” as possible, including scratches, markings, framing, and without cropping to convey a time-capsule feel
·         Some of these photos may not have been seen before!  This book represents a fraction of a national treasure, and now hockey fans everywhere have access to some of the most iconic hockey photos of all time!
·         A Century of NHL Memories: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame is available on-line and in bookstores across the country
·         And specially for the committed fan, a number Collector’s edition!


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