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How to Make a great Banner Ad?

Banner Ads Banner Advertising, what makes it work? How can you get the best response rates and click through rates for your ads.  No, it’s not all guess work.    Banner Ads are every where on the web.  Their job is to catch a customer and to get them to link onto a certain website or to buy a certain product/service. Each banner you see is a product of guess work.  No one really knows if one banner will work better than another. Some Do’s During the years of banner making, a few points have become guidelines. If you did all you’re homework and you know your target customers and have some advertising skills, then designing and writing a banner ad will be as easy as three little words: Simple - Easy - To The Point Before you grab your notebook, there is a little more to this than meets the eye. Look over the points below. -Know your competitors and know what you are selling.  -Keep the ad simple.  Use fewer words.  Use color/animate -Use fast loadi