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Bell Media Partnering with Yellow Pages to support local merchants

Bell Media Mix has partnered with Yellow Pages to help encourage Canadians to support their neighbourhood merchants by purchasing locally on Saturday, Nov. 29, it was announced today. Shop The Neighbourhood, a local shopping movement, is a corporate social responsibility initiative of Yellow Pages and encourages Canadians to make a local purchase and take advantage of exclusive event day deals offered by the businesses in their neighbourhoods. To spread the word and encourage Canadians to reflect on the importance of local businesses and drive them to Shop The Neighbourhood, Yellow Pages and Bell Media Mix have created an extensive multiplatform campaign deployed across the country in television, radio, out-of-home, and digital, leveraging Bell Media’s exceptional advertising reach. The campaign has been gaining momentum during the month of November with a phased rollout culminating on November 29, a special day when Canadians are encouraged to shop locally in their communities.

Auto Ad Spend Growth Chart - Growing

Auto ad spending’s still growing, slowly, with new models and reboots likely to help in 2015. Radio’s automotive ad sales growth has slowed this year, and while the lure of digital may be partly to blame, just-released figures from Kantar Media project total car industry advertising in 2014 will have its slowest growth since the recession. The firm estimates auto advertising will increase just 1% this year with a current pacing pointing to a tally that will reach $16.25 billion. “Total measured ad spending has grown each year since 2010 and is on track to continue that streak in 2014,” Kantar Media chief revenue officer Jon Swallen said yesterday. But the post-recession marketing budgets are merely back to what the car industry spent in 2002. Still, it’s considerably better than the low point of $11.1 billion in 2009. “Since bottoming out, ad spending has increased more than 40%,” Swallen noted during a webinar. Manufacturers still spend the most, accounting for about 60 cents of

Do you know the age you should be targetting ? Marketing to Mothers

As marketers, we often define our female consumer target with the usual demographics: her age, her career orientation, household income. But what if, instead of characterizing a female consumer by her own age, we considered the age of her children? Statistics prove that motherhood in North America is not a one-age-fits-all milestone. Specifically, the age of mom when this life-changing event takes place differs by geography and is rising over time. Did you know: The mean age for a mother to birth her first child differs between the U.S. (25) and Canada (28) T he percent of births to mothers over 30 year s old varies substantially across Canada, from 36% in Saskatchewan to 56% in Ontario. The rate of births to mothers over 30 years old has risen about 250% since the ’70s. And as mom’s age at childbirth varies across women, so too does the age of her children; and it should be no surprise that the age of her children has a substantial

Wade McNeill Hour on the Edge

Corus Radio Toronto’s 102.1 the Edge announces the launch of The Wade MacNeil Show weeknights beginning Monday, November 3 from 6 p.m. to midnight . Listeners will get an exclusive backstage pass into the world of alternative rock from host, Wade MacNeil, as he draws upon his tour experiences and highlights the ins and outs of Canada’s underground music scene. Along with regular guest interviews, listeners will hear unique features like Locals Only, Wade’s nod to the local music scene in Toronto and around the world, and Born Too Late, a nightly throw-back of songs from the late 70’s and 80’s that started it all and are featured regularly on the Edge’s Sunday afternoon series, Spirit of Radio Sundays. Wade is no stranger to the spotlight. For 11 years, he was the guitarist for one of Canada’s most successful post-hardcore bands, Alexisonfire, and is currently the lead singer of U.K.-based band, Gallows. From clubs, arenas and amphitheatres across North America to Europe’s big